Preparing To Install The Roof Fan

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I went up on the roof up and took some measurements in preparation for installing the roof van. I’m planning on ordering the Maxxair Deluxe 5100K, I’ve heard good things about it seems that the only difference between that and the higher end Maxxiar fans is manual controls vs remote which is not something I would spend extra money on having.

Roof Check

Regarding the mechanical issues I had before (cylinder misfire) I went ahead and ordered the remaining 7 spark plugs, they should be arriving shortly and I’ll change them as a preventative measure that will hopefully fix any pending misfires.

Installing The Fan

After reading plenty of reviews about specific fans I decided to go with the Maxxair Dexlue 5100K, from what I've been able to gather the...… Continue reading

Replacing The Remaining Spark Plugs

Published on June 05, 2017

Fixing Some Mechanical Issues

Published on May 25, 2017