Fixing Some Mechanical Issues

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I took a break from the prep phase to take care of the cylinder misfire that popped up, previously when I connected my OBDII reader to check the codes it was showing code P0303 for a misfire on cylinder #3 but then code P0300 also popped up.

The Codes

So after getting a new spark plug (NGK Laser Iridium DILFR5A11, the one recommended in the service manual) I disconnected the ignition coil connector, unbolted it and took out the ignition coil. I tested it with a multimeter to make sure there was proper resistance to try and rule out the coil as the culprit.

The Coil

After that I used a ratchet with a wobble extension and 16mm socket and I tried to take out the spark plug but it wouldn’t budge so I sprayed some WD-40 in the cylinder head and let it soak for a little while before trying again but it still wouldn’t budge so I added some PB Blaster into the mix and let that soak a little while as well. After a short wait preiod I tried loosing the plug again and after a few tries (and a little force) it got unscrewed. I took it out and it certainly seemed a little worn out.

The Old Spark Plug

I popped in the new spark plug, tigthened it, returned the ignition coil, bolt and wire connecter and cleared the codes to see if they come back on again. So far it’s been running fine and no warning lights.

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