Continue With The Van Prep Work

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After removing the bulkhead (which cleared up a lot of space) the next step in the prep phase was to remove the floor to get the van ready for cleaning but I had to deal with a couple of mechanical issues first.

The rear right tire had a slow leak which caused the van to lean to the right and the TPMS light to come on, I read about Discount Tire offering a free patch service so I drove over and after an hour or so I got the van back with the tire patched and the TPMS light off.

The next issue I had to deal with was a cylinder #3 misfire (error code P0303 from a OBDII reader) and a warning light coming on, I spoke to someone who told me that there is most likely gunk in the fuel tank which is causing the misfire since the van was moslty likely sitting at the dealership for a while and he recommended I try some STP Fuel System Cleaner to fix it. After putting it in a reseting the codes (using the OBDII reader) the warning light stayed off. Update: after a few days the warning light came back on so I’m going to try something else.


I have another issue to take care of (right side mirror shaking) but I’ll leave that for later so I can continue with the prep work. Over the weekend I returned to my local Makerspace and worked on removing the cargo floor cover. For that I had to remove the front seats in order to be able to pull out the floor cover.

Seat being removed.

The floor cover was pretty dirty underneath and also a little wet, I’m assuming it holds moisture so it’s probably not something that I’ll use in the van build.

The cargo floor cover.

The entire process didn’t take that long and went over without any issues.

The next step in the prep work is to take off the cab floor which will require removing the seats and the center console but from what I’ve seen so far it shouldn’t be an issue.

Before And After Removing The Cargo Floor.

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