Starting the prep work on the van

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Over the weekend I went over to my local Makerspace, they have plenty of tools for woodworking, metalwork, 3D printers and alot of knowlegable people. I highly recommend looking if you have a local Makerspace if you’re planning to do a campervan conversion (or any other project).

I started the prep work by removing the wooden panels on the walls of the van. I might return them to the walls after putting in the insulation, not sure yet.

Before And After Removing The Wood Panels.

Behind the backmost panel on the driver’s side is the built-in 150/400 Watt inverter, which could come in use later on.

The Van's Built-In Inverter

After the panels it was time to take off the bulkhead.

The next step in the prep work is to take off the floor which will require removing the seats but it’s coming along nicely so far.

Before And After Removing The Bulkhead And Panels.

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